Blog #1- My 2015 Fall Semester

I am really excited for this semester!  However it is going to be a challenging one for me.  I am taking 15 units.  I have this class, MCJ 158S, which will take a lot of my time with activities we will accomplish, also dealing with whatever our clients would like us to do.  I am in the MCJ 191 Internship class this semester.  My internship is with the Athletic Director Jason Clay.  During this semester I will be working almost every football game, or any sport event he needs me to be at, and I will help plan events and put them together to make sure things go smoothly!  I will be writing press releases for hime, attending meetings, and running stats back and fourth to the people that need them. The reason I believe my semester is going to be challenging is because most of my classes need a lot of attention and time, so it will be interesting for me to figure out when it is the right time to do what and how to manage my time perfectly.  I worked all summer, therefore I am not working at the moment this semester due to my busy school schedule!  I have a planner and will look at my calendar regularly to make sure I do not get behind on any of my classes.  Also I will look at the beginning and end of the week and write down what needs to be done in all my classes that week.  My goals for this semester is to gain a lot of experience and make an impact in my classes.  I want to be known as a loyal and trust worthy classmate/PR Professional that will always get the job done!


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