Blog #3- My Love/Hate relationship with Social Media

Social media is very interesting.  In my perspective and experience with it, it can be very annoying, helpful, and useful.  I mainly use it when I am bored or have nothing to do or when I want to share things that I have done with my friends.  The main social media that I use the most is Instagram.  I mainly use that one because I love pictures and I love sharing pictures.  What I love about social media is that it surrounds yourself with information and you basically can find anything you want on it.  When news breaks, it goes everywhere on social media and it is nice to see.  I love being able to see stuff that my family and friends back home are doing and I think it is cool that they can see pictures and things from here at school.  Social media makes me feel like I am with them and friends who are going to school at other places.

What I do not like about social media is that I feel like some people take advantage of it and use it for stupid reasons.  Do not get me wrong, I love seeing the actual funny stuff on there too but some of the things that people put on there are very annoying and unnecessary.  I hate that social media sometimes takes up a lot of my time too.  I know that is my fault, but I just cannot help it sometimes! I want to learn why it is so addicting and why everyone including myself always wants to be on it.

Social media is very important when it comes to PR because it gets promotions and news that we want to get out super fast.  I learned in MCJ 152S that social media is one of the main keys to PR.  It helps you get your clients recognized and get that company you are working with noticed and out there.  With how popular everything is on social media and how many companies have accounts you know you are bound to get some business with that.  Social media is very key in PR.


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