Blog #4 – Four people I want to be like

First and foremost the one person I absolutely want to be like is my mom.  She is just so strong and has taken such good care of both me and my sister and I can I honestly could not ask for anyone better to look up to or have as a mother.  The second really cool person I would want to be like is Derek Jeter, but of course still be a girl.  He is just so calm and has such grace with everything he does he is amazing.  He is loyal to his team, he does everything 100% and never stops pushing himself or others to be better.  I think everyone should aspire to be like that.  The third person would have to be Carrie Underwood.  Not only is she the most gorgeous person ever but she is so kind and so talented I mean who wouldn’t want to be like her!  Last but not least the last person I would like to be like is my grandmother.  My grandma is such a special woman in my life and she just does everything for anyone and always cares about other people before herself.  She has taught me so many things in this life of mine and I couldn’t be luckier to have her as my grandma!  If I had to pick those would be the four people i would want to be like! 🙂


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