Blog #5 – Being a writer

I would call myself a decent writer.  I think the most struggle I have is going blank and not knowing sometimes what to write about.  When I am interested in the topic I am writing about I can go on forever.  Which I would call one of my strengths.

One of my weaknesses is definitely not being confident in my writing.  I always think my stories are horrible or not as good as they should be and I don’t know why.  I wish I had the confidence and was able to say I can write about anything I want.  Which, as a PR person I am going to have to learn to be.  As we talked in class someone mentioned a strategy to read more to become a better writer.  I honestly never thought about that but it is so true and I am going to start doing that!  So that is my goal is just to be more confident in my writing where I am happy to write about anything and everything!


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