Blog #10- News Release Tips

The best tips I found for writing good news releases are listed below:

  1. Write in third person; don’t say “I” or “we” unless you’re using it in a direct quote.
  2. Consider the reader’s perspective; why should they care and what makes your news special?
  3. Be brief if you can; one page, or 400-500 words, is best.
  4. Get to the point upfront and clearly; don’t lose a reader’s attention from the start because she or he can’t figure out what the release is about.
  5. Avoid sales-pitch language and tons of adjectives, both which lose credibility in the eyes of readers.
  6. Keep your own opinions out of it.
  7. Write without using a lot of industry jargon; don’t assume that everyone who’s reading it will know what you’re talking about.
  8. Proofread!  Do your own careful review to avoid costly errors.

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