Blog #13 – My Favorite Sport

My favorite sport is baseball. I have grown up being around baseball, whether I was watching the New York Yankees play as a little girl or playing the sport myself with the boys. It has value to me because it was all around me. Before I started playing softball, I was the only girl playing baseball for 5 years as a kid. I just love the intensity and how every pitch is different. The game is so un predictable and you never know what is going to happen. I love going to the games and cheering for my team, getting souvenirs, and making memories that you will never forget. Watching baseball all my life has really made me love it even more as well. I have grown to be a die hard fan of the Yankees and that will never change. It is a special bond all of my family and I have together and that is so special to me. Baseball will forever be in my life and that will never change.


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