Blog #14- Best Business Website Tips!

What makes the best business websites:


  • Set smart goals for your website
  • Plan on becoming an SEO wizard
  • Use open source tools
  • Think about your mobile strategy simultaneously
  • Steal from your competitors (meaning take a look at theirs and find a way to make yours better then that)
  • Develop your content
  • Write with calls to actions in mind
  • Always answer the question “why?”
  • Trust your Web Designer


  • Do it yourself, If it looks homemade, they’re going to make assumptions about your business that you want to avoid.
  • Make people think
  • Expect visitors
  • Spend all your money
  • Add Twitter and Facebook buttons, If a potential client clicks through to your social pages and sees hardly any followers, they may lose trust in you.
  • Try to please everyone
  • Expect a killer website overnight


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