Blog #15 – Best Special Event

The best special event I would say I have been to was called “Dinner on the Field,” which was put on by the Fresno Grizzlies in Fall 2014. I had to work this event, since I was doing a servie-learing project with the Grizzlies for a class, but after I got to work I was allowed to enjoy the dinner like everyone else as well. It was amazing because a lot of other organizations joined and it was very nicely set up and organized. There were tables and chairs set up under a tent on center field of the stadium and it was all decorated with pumpkins, leaves and other fall decor. It looked absolutely beautiful.

Before dinner, there were appetizers before and tables were the organizations look and donate to a cause that they wanted to while they were waiting for dinner to be set up. During dinner, there were speeches and people talked about their organizations or special things about their lives. I really enjoyed this event because it was a fun way to get all of these organizations together and have a good time, but also it was for a good cause.


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