Blog #26 – Advice to Spring 158Sers

The best advice I can give to next springs MCJ 158S class is to manage your time well. This class is fun and you do learn a lot but the assignments are very time consuming. All my Sundays consisted of was working on assignments due for the next Monday class because I waited till the last minute not thinking it would take me that long. I highly recommend having a planner and making sure you get everything in on time.

I also recommend making a connection with whoever your client is. It makes the time with them so much better. I honestly wish I had a better connection with mine, so try your best to make that happen. Don’t forget to have fun! This is a great class and really gets you prepared for the real world PR life, so take advantage of it and make the best of it! 🙂


Blog #25 – Fav Assignment

My favorite assignment was the speech video I created for myself and creating the speech itself. I found it very helpful and was one of the main assignments that was preparing me for what I am suppose to do when looking for a job. I enjoyed all the other assignments too and found them very challenging and realistic to what I will be doing in the career I will be in. My least favorite was probably the social media content. Only because it was very difficult to think of 20 different posts at the same time. I found it hard to come up with different things to talk about, but in the end I thought it was good. I learned to not wait till the last minutes to do my assignments! They are very time consuming and if I did’t wait I would probably have a lot more sleep!

Blog #24 – The Best Gift Ever

If someone were to give me the BEST GIFT EVER, it would absolutely be a golden retriever puppy. I have a dog Buddy whom I love to death, but he needs a friend and specifically a golden. I love dogs more than anything and I consider myself a crazy dog lady as weird as that sounds. So if a golden retriever puppy was under my tree with a big blue bow, I would be in heaven and it would be the perfect gift. 🙂

Blog #23 – The Perfect Thanksgiving

If I were to have the perfect Thanksgiving, I would probably just keep it the same as I have it every year, but have a few different changes. I would have my entire family there from my moms and dads side all together around a big table. There would be tons of stuffing, turkey and ham because those are my favorite things. And also my Grandmas pumpkin pie because it is out of this world. I would also have to have my dogs sitting at the table with us as weird as that sounds because I feel like they should be apart of the day because I am most thankful for them too. I seem to always have the best Thanksgivings, that is why I wouldn’t mind not changing them at all.

Blog #21 – First Car

My first car was perfect. It was a Ford F150 that was handed down to me by my step dad. I loved everything about it. It was an older style which I loved. It was the perfect size and rode perfectly. I loved the history of my truck and that it wasn’t brand new. I got multiple scents for my truck so it had a bunch of different smells. A lot of trucks do not have a sun roof and mine did. I love having the windows down and cruising through backroads at home. It was perfect in every way.

Blog #20 – My Name

My first name Katie was given to me by my mom because she really liked the name. The funny thing is, my cousin is already named Katie, but my mom was so stubborn and liked it so much she didn’t care and named me it anyway. I love my name because it isn’t Kaitlynn or anything like that where Katie would be a nickname. It’s just simply Katie. Even though my name is really common and popular, I would not change it because it is simple like me and I think it just fits me perfectly. If I had to change it however, I really like the name Emma or Peyton because they are also simple, different and cute. 🙂

Blog #18 – Gratitude

Gratitude is important because you need to be grateful for all the things you have. If you do not have gratitude for things, then you don’t appreciate the little things and things will go for granted.

I am most thankful for my family and friends. I do not know what I would do without them. I am also thankful for my dogs. More seriously, I’m thankful for everything my parents have given me. They have made me who I am today and I would not be getting an education if it wasn’t for them. I am thankful for being able to go to college and having a meal everyday. I’m thankful for the clothes on my back and for having a bed to sleep on. It’s the little things that turn into big things for me. I think if we all appreciated the little things more, then that would help us all have a little bit more gratitude towards each other.