Photo Essay:
A Lost Best Friend: For my MCJ 30 class we were asked to tell a story through pictures, make a photo essay to be exact.  I chose to use my sister and her dog, to show how he was lost but found his way home.  It was an idea that really came out my mind, and I thought it came out and told the story I wanted people to see quite well.  I used Photoshop and Power point to edit and create the final outcome.


Audio Story:
The Bulldog Question of the Day: For my audio project in MCJ 30 I decided to go around and ask students, Who do you think is the greatest sports figure of all time, and why are they the greatest? I asked about 7 students and ended up using four of them for my final work.  It was interesting getting experience of going around just asking random students.


Video Montage:
Make Up, Not Break Up: This was a video montage that I did for MCJ 30 as well.  It tells a story about a couple sending the message when you mess up in your relationship, try and fix it rather then giving up on one another.  I used Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 to edit and create the final project.





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