Katie Delphia
  • I am a Public Relations Major at Fresno State, and I am hoping to represent a professional
    sports team or a company related to sports in the future after I graduate in May 2016.
  • Personal qualities: organized- patient- great verbal communicator- determined
B.A., Mass Communications & Journalism, expected May 2016
Concentration in Public Relations MODESTO HIGH SCHOOL, Modesto, CA
High School Graduate, May 2012
High School Diploma

Production Experience
“A Lost Best Friend”

  • Worked with Photo Shop and Adobe Bridge to crop and edit pictures of my sisters dog being lost for our “Photo Essay” class projects.
  • Learned about different angles of camera shooting and creating a story to bring the project together
Bulldog Question of the Day

  • I walked around the Fresno State campus and asked random students “Who do you think is the greatest athlete of all time and why are they the greatest?”
  • Used an H1 Audio Recorder, and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 to edit the results.
“Make Up Not Break Up”         

  • I used a Vixi camera to record different shots and make a story out of different clips.
  • Edited the shots and put the videos together with Premiere Pro CS6
Fresno Grizzlies (Service Learning Project)

  • Took the 152S Public Relations Service Learning Class and got the option to work with any Non-Profit Organization to learn more about what a company deals with, being in Public Relations.
  • Helped my supervisor organize events and paperwork and was responsible for coming up with ideas for new events during the baseball games.
Fresno State Athletics
In the Fall 2015 I will be completing an internship for my MCJ 191 class with the Athletic Communications Department here at Fresno State. I will be working the Football events, running stats from press box to press box.  I will be going to press conferences, working with social media for the events and writing transcripts for my supervisor.


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